sreda, 06. januar 2010

Essence LE Winter creation hand creams

Essence LE Winter creation hand creams are awerosme.

The scents are:
Dark Chocolate & Orange
Vanilla & Apple
White Chocolate & Raspberries

All three smell good, else still most disturbing smell from these (for my allergic nose) is hand cream with orange smell. Skin on my hand is moisten and good feed. Smell feeling stay to next hand-washing. Smell of chocolate is predominating at all finally, so as at Creamylicius (Essence LE) hand cream.

I bought them in Muller.

4 komentarji:

  1. I have them all, and I really like them, especially the vanilla/apple.
    Skincare is also quite good.

    Greetings for you,

  2. Yea today was the most snow we had...I bet it's colder where you are though!

  3. taking care of the hands that are much neglected is essential.A well kept hand and good looking figures speak a lot about your personality.I always use good hand creams for the purpose.
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