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SassyGirl`s December giveaway

SassyGirl`s December giveaway

is one more nice giveaway to enter. You can enter here.

She posted on her blog as follow:

SassyGirl’s December Giveaway

Package A: Smashbox Bronze Liquid Eyeliner, Shiseido Creamy Eyeshadow Duo, Shiseido Concealer, Smashbox Lip Gloss, McBlooms Body Lotion, 2 nail polishes, stacked gold rings Package B: Elizabeth Arden Black Liquid Eyeliner, Smashbox Lip Gloss, ELF Compact with 2 eyeshadows, 1 lip gloss, and 1 blush, Vichy Cleansing Milk and Toner, 2 nail polishes, rose ring

Since I’m moving halfway around the world next year, and I am a chronic sale-aholic, I have amassed a lot of things that I need to get rid of sometime between now and August 2010. Plus, I’m in a giving mood this week – why not have a giveaway?
Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to give away clothes or shoes because sizes are a pain to coordinate. But I can give away some cosmetics. Granted, I only started buying cosmetics a year ago, so my make-up collection is not actually that excessive, but there are still a few items that I bought and never used because I decided I didn’t like the colour or the texture or what have you.

More photos and about her giveaway is on her blog here.

The giveaway will end December 27 at midnight.

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