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Pretty Punk Beauty Junkie and Misa polish

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

NOTD Misa Turquoise, Jelly Teal Glittery Goodness! PLUS COMPETITION

This is one of my fave polishes ever, so sparkly and unique. A joy to apply and I often struggle with Misa's, this is opaque in 3 coats with no visible nail line.  The wear on it is very good too, it doesn't start to just peel off like some polishes do on me (prob due to too much buffing)  and tip wear and chips are minimal.  One of the only colours that I don't get bored of a couple of hours after application, it's interesting enough that I can actually keep this one on by choice for more than 1 day. 

More, plus competition details,  after the jump.............

It looks like it could be a flakie and sort of scaly, but it really isn't.  Tons of small square shaped teal glitter, mixed with tons of smaller round silver glitter in a jelly teal base.  As with most glitters, this does dry bumpy and needs a good top coat, but it's so blindingly shiny that any bumpiness isn't very noticeable, it's a very forgiving polish.  Beautiful and definitely back up worthy.  Unfortunately this is an old Misa and probably fairly hard to find, but you can win a bottle here by entering the comp!  All you have to do is become a follower, subscribe to the blog and comment on this post, naming one of your top polishes.  Links to swatch pics would also be awesome but aren't necessary.  Seeing as this is a new blog, I want to give people plenty of time to enter.  I was going to do a month but just realised a month from today is Boxing Day! Wow this year has just flown by!  I'm away over the holidays, so I will set the closing date for this as Sunday the 27th December at 23:59pm, anything after that wont count, so get your entry in by the end of that day!  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the Monday.

Disclaimer:  I haven't bought the prize yet, when I first bought this colour a few weeks ago I had no idea how gorgeous it would be, otherwise I'd have picked up a few.  I am fairly sure it will still be in stock as they've obviously been there a long time.  If however, they don't have this colour, I will pick up another different gorgeous rare Misa as the prize and update this post accordingly.  Good luck!



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