torek, 22. december 2009

Look what I got from Maria (won in blog giveaway)


Some time ago I wrote, that I have won great prize from Maria`s blog giveaway (link).
I`m posting pictures of products today.

I like all of cosmetics, only L`Oreal HiP Liquid Foundation in Tan is completely inappropriate shade for my complexion.

Sallowly gold shade of nail polish doesn`t look good on my nails, however it will be awersome for new gold frankestein polish or for my daughter.

In packet were next products:
  1. LA Colors Lip Gloss in 775 (realy nice color)
  2. NYC Creme Shadow / Liner in Onyx (looks great, I didn`t use it yet)
  3. Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Glitter (this is my favorite in this packet)
  4. Rimmel Cool Touch in Cool Off (very nice color, like it)
  5. Jane Crease / Blending Brush (I just need it)
  6. Almay Highligher & Liner Pencil (this is very useful to)
  7. Multi-rowed brown & gold beads necklace (very nice necklace)
  8. 2x Leishi Loose Eye Shadow in 14 (shimmery baby pink) & 90 (glittery purple) - (purple one I like a lot)
  9. MsChic Electrics in Electric Purple (still waiting to try it)
  10. 2x Rival de Loop Express Nail Color in Sun Kissed & Galaxy Pink (just the right color for my daughter)
  11. L'Oreal HiP Liquid Foundation in Tan (not my color at all)

In the packet was some extra goodies like ring, samples of Panthen Pro-V, sample of perfume Boss Orange, for I`m realy thanking for once again.

Maria, thank you!

And now the pictures:


3 komentarji:

  1. Nice! I hope I win something on a giveaway too :D I just started today. Didn't know so many existed! Thanks for your posts for giveaways!

  2. Robolegojupiter, I started 2 months ago with more regular posting, myself.
    Hope you will win in some giveaway to. :-)

    Biba, thank you!